10 Signs That He Loves You Deeply More Than You Know

When dating, your main concerns are things like how to flirt with a guy, how to get a guy to like you, or how to text a guy. But when things start to get serious, another issue pops up: how to tell if a guy likes you.

There’s no way around it — figuring out a guy’s feelings can be tricky. Lots of guys are less than stellar at expressing their feelings, and sometimes you’re unsure whether to trust what he is saying.

Luckily, there are several ways to decode his feelings. Most of them revolve around what his actions, not his words, are communicating. Let’s take a look at the 10 signs that he loves you so you can get a more precise read on what he feels.

He Treats You as a Priority

Most of us have pretty busy lives with lots of commitments, both work and otherwise. Sometimes carving out time to spend with family and friends can seem like mission impossible, and it feels like there aren’t enough hours in the day.

But when a man is in love with you, you are his number one priority, which means he will always find time to see you. Even if it’s inconvenient for him, even if he’s tired, and even if it’s just to hang out for an hour, he will move heaven and earth to be with you.

When he feels strongly about you, you won’t wonder how to attract a man because you already have his attention. You won’t feel like an afterthought or a backup plan. You’re the main event, and his actions make this fact abundantly clear.

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He Talks About Your Future

Talking about your future together is one of the most reliable signs a guy loves you.

Does he make references to doing things with you? To be clear, we’re not talking about having chats about what you’d like to do together this weekend (though that’s a good sign, too!). We’re talking about references to plans he wants to make in the long-term — next month, next summer, or even next year.

Lots of guys aren’t sure what they’re doing next week, so the fact that he’s thinking so far ahead about what he wants to do with you is significant. And broaching the subject of future plans is a gentle way for him to gauge your interest without explicitly asking you. He may still be unsure of how you feel about him, so having a planning discussion is a low-risk way to figure out your feelings.

He Has a Special Way of Looking at You

A guy’s eyes never lie. When a man is in love, especially in the beginning, his eyes have a unique way of revealing his true feelings. He looks at you in a way that he doesn’t look at anyone else. It’s a distinctive gaze reserved just for the apple of his eye, a look of deep adoration that he can’t hide.

And aside from this intense eye contact, you’ll probably catch him staring at you if he’s in love. When he can’t stop or hide this behavior, it means that you have his full and undivided attention. And he won’t be afraid to meet your gaze when you catch him looking at you.

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He Tries the Things You Like

Is he ready to do anything you love? Has he agreed to try a hobby of yours, even though he’s awful at it? Maybe he decides to watch the movies you like, although he prefers a different genre.

He does this because a man in love will do anything to spend time with his favorite person. So if that means participating in something you like, even if it’s not his thing, he’s there with zero complaints. Any excuse to be with you is a good one, no matter what activity you’re doing.

He Wants to Help You

If he cares deeply about you, he’ll always want to help you in any way he can, regardless of the circumstances. He’ll be all-ears, even if helping you is inconvenient for him, and even if he has no answer to your problem. There’ll be no dragging his feet or complaining. Whenever you need him, he’s there — no questions asked.

He Misses You When You’re Gone

When you’re in love with someone, even going a day without that person can feel like an eternity. Some men will try and keep how much they miss you under wraps, but others will be more vocal about how much they’re missing you. Just a simple “I can’t wait to see you this weekend!” is an indicator that his feelings are strong.

So if you’re not wondering how to make him miss you, this is a very reliable sign that he’s fallen hard.

He Wants to Become a Part of Your Life

While the words “I want to be a part of your life” may not come from his mouth, they don’t have to. A man in love will show you that he wants to become a mainstay in your life. He’ll suggest getting together with your friends, and he’ll be eager to get to know your parents. He may even push you to make the introduction!

But perhaps most importantly, when he is in social situations with the people you’re closest to, he’s all in. He’s engaging, he gives his all, and he tries to make a good impression. If it seems like he cares what your friends and family think about him, it’s a pretty good indicator that he wants to take things to the next level with you.

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He Sees You for Who You Are

He just … gets you. It feels like he can see right into your soul and understand who you are on a deep level. Not only do you feel like you don’t have to hide from him, but you also feel comfortable baring your soul to him. You can just be yourself, and there’s no greater feeling.

A man in love also continually tries to gather more information about you. He observes how you interact with the world and how others respond to you. He wants to know every little thing about you, and he notices the small stuff. He probably sees things about you that no one else does — not even you! He’s like a mirror that reflects the dark corners of your soul.

He Wants to Show You Off

To a man in love, his partner is the greatest thing ever. She’s the most beautiful, the smartest, and the most exciting person in the room. He feels he has won some prize, and his instinct when he feels this way is to show you off for the world to see.

He’ll want to bring you along to his hangouts so his friends can bask in your presence. He’ll talk about you to anyone who cares to listen. And he’ll probably be pretty enthusiastic about having you meet his family. If things were casual, he certainly wouldn’t propose having dinner with his parents, but he can’t wait to get everyone in the same room.

But perhaps the best indicator is if he wants to have you by his side at an important public function. If he invites you to a work event or a wedding, it’s a pretty clear sign he’s in it to win it.

He Leans on You for Support

The last of our ten signs he loves you is that he leans on you for support. You’re the person he calls when he has a problem, when he needs to vent, or when work gets stressful. He turns to you for support because he trusts you and because you keep him grounded.

This sign is especially noteworthy because lots of guys have trouble opening up and sharing their feelings. They’ve been taught that real men hide their vulnerable parts, so the fact that he is exposing his “weak” side is significant for many guys.

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Final Thoughts

So there you have it, ten fail-proof signs that he loves you. Remember that when it comes to deciphering his feelings, actions speak louder than words. A guy in love will display most, if not all, of these behaviors, and if something feels off, it probably is. Pay attention to his words and actions, and if all else fails, ask him to level up about his feelings for you.

Can you think of any other signs that he loves you?

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