Does Silence Work On A Man To Make Him Chase You?

Does silence work to make a man chase you? The answer is, unfortunately, it depends. Silence can be a great tool in your toolbox if you’re looking to make a guy chase you, but it’s never enough all on its own.

Today I’m going to cover the situations where silence is going to be to your advantage if you want to make a guy chase you and go over others where silence is only going to hurt your chances and make him think you’re not interested.

So let’s get into why silence is such an effective tool to make a guy chase you so that we can understand when it might not be the best play.

I’ll start with a situation where silence can work to make a guy chase you. This is based on a real situation one of my friends found herself in, but all the names and details have been changed to protect her identity.

Lizzie has been on three dates with Ken. They seem to be getting along really well. They have a ton in common and when they’re together they just can’t stop laughing. Things haven’t gotten very physical yet as Lizzie hasn’t been ready to take that next step.

But then, things have started to go south. Ken stopped reaching out to her as often as he had been and when he did, it seemed like their conversations weren’t the same. Lizzie started to get worried. She felt that dread in the pit of her stomach, that feeling that told her that this wasn’t going to last much longer. That’s when Lizzie sent him a nice, heartfelt text and got no reply.

So what did she do? Lizzie put all her feelings into a text message, detailing how upset she was and she hit send. No response. So she sent another, and another. And I guess you can see where this is going… Lizzie and Ken never did go out on that third date.

What should she have done instead to make Ken reach out to her and chase her? She could have simply pulled away, kept her silence and watched him sweat it out instead. This works because men truly do want to please women. When they think that you’re upset or pulling away, it’s a natural response for them to try to win your heart even more. The same goes for women. I mean, look at Lizzie’s response to Ken’s coldness. It’s just that we tend to like it when a guy fights for us, whereas men see it as threatening to their masculinity. Whether it’s an issue of ego or biology, silence really can be golden when it comes to making men fall in love with you.

But what about those times when silence just isn’t working? In that case, you need to take more direct action. Go to The Devotion System and watch the free video presentation. This system coming up with a foolproof method for winning the hearts of even the most stubborn, oblivious men. Make him ache for your love and attention. That’s The Devotion System.

Here’s another situation where silence can make a guy chase you. There’s this girl, Jasmine, and a boy, Tyler. Tyler’s best friend, Corey is dating Jasmine’s best friend, Kate. Kate and Corey have been going out for a few months and they decide the time has come to meet each other’s friends. They have a little get together, and, you guessed it, Jasmine caught Tyler’s eye from across the room and vice versa. Kate kept telling Jasmine to go over and talk to him, but Jasmine decided to play it cool instead. Later in the night, they all had a few and decided to go down the street to a karaoke bar. Kate tried to pull Jasmine up on stage to sing a duet with her, but Jasmine said no, because she knew she had a horrible singing voice.

And at the end of the night, Jasmine and Tyler parted without ever saying one word to one another. But can you guess what happened next? That’s right, Tyler got Jasmine’s number from Kate and asked her out, just like that. And I’m happy to report that the two of them have been together ever since.

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