How to Flirt With a Guy Without Embarrassment (BEST Practice)

Have you ever had a flirting disaster? You try to talk to someone you find attractive — only, instead of acting witty and cool, you come off as awkward and downright weird.

Don’t be embarrassed. It’s happened to us all. Flirting seems effortless in the movies, but in real life, it’s often quite nerve-wracking.

Fortunately, even if you’re not a natural, flirting is something you can learn. The ability to flirt opens up your dating life quite a bit, as you’ll feel confident approaching a guy you’re interested in and getting to know him in an easy-going, no-pressure way.

In this article, we’ll take a closer look at how to flirt with a guy. Ready to step up your flirt game today? Let’s get started!

Showcase Your Winning Smile

A winning smile acts as the foundation of flirting. After all, flirting is fun. Smiling sends a clear signal that you’re fun, outgoing, and happy.

Smiling doesn’t just improve your physical appearance. It also boosts your mood by reducing the stress hormone cortisol while boosting the release of endorphins. When you feel relaxed, you’ll feel far more comfortable interacting with guys.

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“Accidental” Touches

Playful touching sends a signal that you’re interested in a guy as more than a friend. However, you want to keep touches brief and subtle. Some examples include:

  • Giving a guy a brief hug when you first see him
  • Touching his arm or shoulder during a conversation
  • “Accidentally” letting your feet touch his when sitting

Keep the touches brief, subtle, and frequent. As you touch him, he’ll subconsciously feel more comfortable around you.

Use Flirtatious Body Language

We communicate volumes of information without saying a word. Pay attention to your body language. You can signal your interest in a guy in several ways.

When talking to a guy, play with your hair by running your fingers through it or flipping it. Additionally, bite your lip occasionally.

During the conversation, let your eyes roam across his face. Make eye contact at times, but also look at his lips. Doing so adds a subtle element of sexual tension to an otherwise regular conversation.

End the Conversation

This tip might seem counterintuitive at first, but it usually works well!

When you’re getting to know a guy, keep your conversations short. You don’t want the conversation to drag on and become boring. Instead, leave the guy wanting more by ending the conversation gracefully before you run out of ideas.

It’s not always easy to pull yourself away when you’re talking to a guy you like. Keep in mind this technique is only used during the first few meetings. The idea is to leave a positive impression after every meeting, so the guy will think of you favorably when you’re not around.

Early on, shorter conversations play a key role in how to make him miss you.

Use Texting and Social Media

So far, our flirting tips have mainly focused on face-to-face interactions. However, you don’t have to be in the same room as somebody to flirt with them. Social media and text messages allow for plenty of opportunities to flirt. Here’s a quick look at how to flirt with a guy over text.

When texting, use a process called mirroring. You want to mimic the guy’s texting frequency and style. For example, if he typically sends you one text a day, then you want to limit yourself to one response. If he texts you 20 times a day, you can reply more frequently.

You also want to mirror the length of the text. Some guys write long messages packed with detail. Others prefer to keep it brief. If your guy’s texts are on the short side, don’t reply with a novel.

Also, reply promptly but not immediately. Send a response after about five to 10 minutes. You don’t want to appear too eager and clingy. However, you also don’t want to seem aloof and disinterested, either.

Learning the right way how to text a guy is definitely important in the age of social distancing, so make sure to keep these flirting tips in mind.

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Suggest Clothing

This tip is a great way to initiate a conversation while also letting him know you find him attractive.

Send your guy a picture of a shirt, hat, or another article of clothing. Include a message such as “You’d look so sexy in this!” or “I’d love to see you in this!”.

Guys don’t always know when a woman finds them attractive. A message like the one above clearly signals that you’re physically attracted to him, but it’s also subtle and appropriate.

This tip works best when you already know the guy somewhat. You might not necessarily be in a relationship with him, but you know him reasonably well and talk to him on a near-daily basis.

Playfully Tease Him

Guys like girls who give them compliments and positive attention, you don’t want to go overboard. Instead of bombarding him with non-stop praise, playfully tease him.

If he tells a joke that bombs, make fun of him a little. If he bumbles his attempts at flirting, laugh a little. Of course, your jokes and jabs can’t truly be mean. Instead, it’s all in good fun.

Playful teasing accomplishes two things. First, it showcases your sense of humor and playful nature. Also, most guys are competitive by nature. Playful teasing encourages the guy to try a bit harder to win your affections.

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Use an Opening Line

Note that an opening line is different from a cheesy pick-up line. With an opening line, you’re initiating a conversation with a stranger, but not blatantly hitting on them.

Context is key here. You want your icebreaker to involve whatever situation you find yourself in. For example, if you’re sitting next to a guy in a classroom, ask a question about the subject. If you’re standing in line next to a guy, comment on the wait or talk about the event that’s going on.

Your opening line doesn’t have to be clever or overly flirtatious. It’s just a way to start a conversation. Keep your line open-ended. Questions are usually quite effective.

Take a Solo Approach

Successful flirting is a one on one conversation. You can’t flirt as a group. While hanging with your friends is loads of fun, you’ll need to separate yourself from your pals before approaching a guy.

People are often intimidated by large groups of people they don’t know. Additionally, you’ll appear less available and approachable when surrounded by friends.

However, don’t ignore your friends entirely. Make sure you introduce the guy to your girls. Doing so shows him that you’re proud to have him around and, in a sense, want to show him off.

Focus on Just One Person

If a total stranger approaches you and starts flirting, it’s incredibly flattering. However, if the same person hits on everyone in the room, their attention feels far less special.

Only flirt with one person at an event. Otherwise, you risk appearing desperate. Of course, this doesn’t mean you can’t talk to a variety of folks at a party, but avoid flirting with everyone who crosses your path.

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Dress the Part

Once a guy gets to know you, he’ll fall in love with your personality. However, at first, the best way to attract his attention is to look your best.

This doesn’t mean you have to dress in revealing outfits or show lots of skin. Instead, dress appropriately for the occasion. Keep your appearance clean, neat, and casual. Guys will definitely notice.

Be Confident

Flirting is more of an art than a science. Techniques that work well for one person might seem awkward for another.

The secret to successful flirting is confidence. You want to appear natural, relaxed, and sure of yourself. The type of energy you exude has a far greater impact on how your flirting is received than the specific words you say.

Don’t worry if you’re secretly a nervous wreck on the inside. You can fake it until you make it. Simply pretending to act confident can actually help increase feelings of genuine confidence.

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Final Thoughts

Don’t worry if flirting doesn’t feel natural to you. You can follow the tips above and learn how to flirt with a guy successfully. Ultimately, flirting is about feeling confident, fun, and approachable. When you exhibit those qualities, guys will want to get to know you — and that special someone might just fall in love with you!

Have you used any of the flirting techniques listed above? What’s your favorite way to flirt?

Hi! I’m Kate! I write for people who are ready to transform their lives. Enjoy your reading day

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