How To Tell If a Guy Likes You: 15 Proven Signs He Is Into You

You know that dream guy you’ve been crushing on for a while now? What if he likes you as much as you like him, but you’re missing all the signs?

To say that guys are sometimes hard to read is the understatement of the century. Even if a guy likes you as way more than a friend, he might not always know how to make his feelings clear.

Today, we’ve got all the info you need about how to tell if a guy likes you.
Here are the 15 proven signs to watch for:

1. He’s Always Around

Generally, guys don’t like to admire from afar. If a guy likes you, he’ll find a way to be in the same room near you, even if the pretenses might seem flimsy.

2. He Touches You Accidentally (but on Purpose)

Of course, any guy who likes you should also respect you, which means he won’t touch you inappropriately. However, if a guy likes you, he’ll find ways to touch you in brief, innocent ways.

For instance, he might touch the small of your back when he walks past you. He might lean forward to pick a stray hair off your sleeve or jacket. He might let his knees or feet brush against yours for just a bit longer than necessary.

If a guy continually finds reasons to briefly touch you, those touches are far more likely to be purposeful than accidental.

3. He Finds Your Interests Interesting

He’ll give you lots of compliments that go beyond physical appearance. For example, he might complicate your brains, your sense of humor, your positive outlook, or other intangible qualities.

Along these same lines, another telltale sign that he likes you is when he compliments your “faults.” He’ll love your quirky taste in music, your terrible sense of direction, and everything else about you that defines your personality, both the good and bad.

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4. He Maintains Eye Contact

Eye contact doesn’t just indicate attraction; it also helps maintain it. Studies show that when two people maintain unbroken eye gaze for two minutes, they develop increased feelings of attraction to one another.

A guy interested in you will have no problem maintaining eye contact. When talking to you, he won’t constantly stare at the floor or look around the room. Instead, he’ll lock eyes with you when talking — at least, once he gets to know you somewhat.

5. He Acts Nervous

Everyone gets nervous, but nobody gets nervous in exactly the same way. Determining if a guy is nervous around you isn’t always easy. Watch for the following nervous behaviors:

  • Fidgeting
  • Blushing
  • Fast talking
  • High-pitched voice

In an unfortunate turn of events, when a guy acts nervous, he can also appear disinterested. If a guy seems relaxed and confident around everyone but you, that might just mean he likes you most of all.

6. He Asks for Your Number

For example, a coworker or classmate likely sees you on a regular basis. If he wanted to talk to you about something work or school-related, doing so would likely be relatively simple. By asking for a phone number, he’s signaling that he wants the relationship between you two to become more personal.

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7. He Asks Questions

If you like the guy back, you’ll likely feel the same way. You two will have no shortage of subjects to talk about because you’ll find one another fascinating.

8. His Friends Leave You Two Alone

However, at the same time, his friends will still know who you are. When a guy likes you, he’ll want you to feel included in his social circle. His friends will know your name and some basic info about you, even if you’ve never met them before.

If you’re not sure how to tell if a guy likes you, pay attention to the behavior of his friends.

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9. He Cracks Jokes

When considering whether or not a guy is someone you want to date, isn’t his sense of humor one of the most important considerations? Practically every guy knows that women value a sense of humor. A clear sign of how to tell if he likes you if he continually tries to make you laugh.

To be clear, the guy doesn’t have to be a professional comedian. Simply the act of cracking jokes is enough to signal interest.

10. He Helps You Out

A guy who likes you wants you to see him as someone who can take care of you. Don’t be afraid to ask for help, too. Asking for help is a great way for how to flirt with a guy.

11. He Slows His Walking Pace

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12. He Asks if You Have a Boyfriend

  • Questions about your living situation, such as any roommates
  • Questions about any recent ex’s
  • Questions about anyone you regularly hang out with

13. He Follows You on Social Media

If he interacts with you a lot on social media, he probably likes you. He’ll like and comment on your posts and photos. He’ll initiate conversations via direct message. Learning how to text a guy is an important dating skill in these days of social distancing.

14. He Looks His Best

Pay attempt to his grooming. Is he getting frequent haircuts? Does he take care to always wear nice, clean clothes? If you notice that a guy with a typically sloppy appearance starts cleaning up his act whenever you’re around, that’s a clear sign he’s trying to impress you.

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15. He Tells You

Of course, most guys are reluctant to come right out and admit they like someone, especially if they don’t know how the girl will react.

That’s why it’s important to follow the tips above to learn how to tell if a guy likes you. If you can determine that a guy likes you before he tells you, you can send signals to encourage him. Developing a relationship isn’t always easy, but identifying the signs is the first step towards dating your dream guy.

What signals have guys sent you that have made it clear they like you? How do you respond when you know a guy likes you?

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