Today, I’m going to give you a crazy powerful text message that you can send to a guy that shows just how powerful language can be in getting men to behave the way you want them to around you, then I’m going to give you something that is going to change the way you text men forever.

Now technology has done some wonderful things for us, but one of the worst side effects of all this technology we have is that men now have a voice and a vehicle for really inappropriate sexual advances and they’re able to do it really early before they’ve even got to know you.

Some of them to begin the conversation let’s have an example he says to you “what you up to” and you say “about to go out- just go out of the shower”.

Men will often use something you say as a reason to go five steps ahead, and they’re doing this as a way to test your boundaries so when you say just come out of the shower he says “send me a pic” then at this point you choose which type of woman you want to be. Do you want to be passive and just be like “no I can’t” and then keep going with the conversation. Do you want to be aggressive and say “I’m not that kind of woman why would you assume that I would send you a picture” or do you want to be the charming woman who shows her standard but also how sexy she is at the same time.

Now I have a way for you to do this a very simple message that will separate you from every other woman you say “I think you have me confused with a future me who’s been on many more dates with you ;)”

The beauty of this is that on one hand you’ve shown your standard by saying I wouldn’t do that so soon but on the other hand you’ve shown you’re not a prude. In other words, if he were the guy that invested in you and spent many more dates with you, you would be the type of person that would be prepared to be intimate with him in a variety of ways. But you have to be earned intimacy with you has to be earned.

Do you see how powerful language can be. I’m obsessed with it because I think if we’re careful about how we construct our words, we can get a completely different result from the person we’re speaking to. if you like this and you want more of this type of content, I have something very special for you I’ve literally constructed text messages that get any man more attracted to you.

If you want these and I’m sure you do by now. Go here there you’ll find the guide which has all messages right there for you. You can literally copy and paste any single one of them onto your phone and send it to the guy you’re attracted to.

Hi! I’m Kate! I write for people who are ready to transform their lives. Enjoy your reading day

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